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When you workout within a group, something unique happens: You tap into the energy of the people around you. BodyWorks Lifestyle’s Boot Camp is designed to incorporate this synergy and it is extremely effective.

Group training isn’t new. Professional athletic teams have incorporated group dynamics into their workouts for decades. BodyWorks Trainers have researched the most successful fitness enhancing methods and with them created Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is light years ahead of the competition. Our training is entirely based on proven science and structure. Training without sufficient expertise can easily lead to injury and almost never gives you maximized or sustained results. Some fitness companies train without accurate structure. They make up the workouts as they go. Don’t shell out your hard earned money only to have it and your time go to waste.

BodyWorks Lifestyle Huntington Beach Boot Camp workouts don’t happen by accident, they are forged using cutting-edge exercise physiology concepts. You’re going to see results sooner and learn for yourself the best way to stay in shape for the rest of your life.

Because Boot Camp is a group effort, members benefit from cost efficiencies, too. Where one-on-one personal training is prohibitively expensive, Boot Camp is downright accessible for all budgets— this is especially great considering the high quality of the staff at BodyWorks Lifestyle.

Your Huntington Beach Boot Camp trainers are educated in the science of human performance and state-of-the-art nutrition. These professionals are athletes who comfortably live, breath and sleep fitness. This is health on a scale like you’ve never seen: fit, balanced, happy, energized and strong. At BodyWorks Lifestyle you are in the best hands in the business.

Take a couple minutes to watch the videos on this page. We’re so proud of our clients and the work they do to reach their goals. You really should experience Boot Camp for yourself! Stop in to BodyWorks, we’d love to show you around. Not only is Boot Camp one of the most cost effective ways of getting into the best shape of your life, it’s a whole lot of fun!

You’ll know a Bodyworks Lifestyle Boot Camp client when you see one:

  • Flat, defined abs
  • Strong and fit from head to toe
  • Energy and vitality you can feel from a distance
  • Sports performance excellence
  • Stamina and endurance

We cannot emphasize enough the value of the discipline of science when applied to fitness development and nutrition. Our training methods are proven both safe and highly effective. Boot Camp group training incorporates multiple fitness systems including: weight training, cardio, core training, and functional training. Our scientifically designed workouts, in tandem with our biologically corrective nutrition programming, will have you reaching fitness levels you never dreamed possible.

Come and find out what makes BodyWorks Huntington Beach Boot Camp the #1 fat loss and fitness solution.

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BodyWorks Lifestyle Huntington Beach Boot Camp

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