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BodyWorks Lifestyle Long Beach Boot Camp – the number one fat loss and fitness solution

Training for anything boils down to one defining factor – RESULTS!! That is what makes BodyWorks Long Beach Boot Camp the workout of choice for celebrities, models, beauty queens, athletes, and soccer moms alike.

Unlike other workout programs, the BodyWorks Lifestyle’s Long Beach Boot Camp is grounded in advanced scientific principles that will make a lasting physiological change to your body.

With 168 hours in a week, even the most hardcore gym rat usually maxes out at 7 hours per week. It’s not the calories burned during the 7 hours working out per week that get us in shape, it’s the calories burned by our Ramped up Physiology which enables us to burn fat at an increased rate for the other 161 hours in your week.

Our program is designed to permanently change your body so that you will continue to burn body fat throughout your day – 24 hours of fat burning from a single hour-long workout. There must be science behind your workout strategies, and that’s’ what makes BodyWorks Lifestyle Different – No other fitness program on the market can match the body transforming strategies of BodyWorks Lifestyle’s Long Beach Boot Camp.

BodyWorks Lifestyle Long Beach Boot Camp is purely based in science. Many fitness companies push concepts such as secret formulas and overnight remedies. BodyWorks Lifestyle offers you the chance to change your body, your health and your life once and for all. There are no secret formulas when it comes to getting in shape and anyone who tells you otherwise, is lying to you.

We call it the 1+2=3 Concept:

  • 1Is a scientifically Structured exercise Concept
  • 2Is a Biologically Corrective Nutrition Plan
  • 3Is a Lean, Toned, Healthy Body no matter what age or Gender.

The 1+2=3 concept is not rocket science, but it is definitely a science – A science that we at BodyWorks Lifestyle have perfected and want to share with you.

BodyWorks Lifestyle’s Long Beach Boot Camp produces the best results Humanly possible by combining scientifically designed workouts + biologically corrective nutrition to create lean, toned, healthy and energetic human beings.

BodyWorks Lifestyle Boot Camp program includes:

  • Unlimited workouts at any of our locations
  • A multi phase nutrition program designed to cut fat from your body and create optimum health
  • Our custom built recipe book to help you make your diet health and tasty
  • Access to our monthly events, seminars, webinars and outings
  • Receive discounts on products and services from our strategic partners

Come and find out what makes BodyWorks Lifestyle Long Beach Boot Camp the #1 fat loss and fitness program in the Los Angeles area.

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