Personal training rocks!!! But it can be expensive!!! People get Amazing Results but almost have to mortgage their house to do so. What would you say if i told you that you can get all the benefits of personal training, mixed with the Social aspects and comradery of training in groups for a fraction of the cost?!?!?!?

Welcome to BodyWorks Lifestyle the Ultimate Orange County Boot Camp, the fitness concept where it will cost you a fraction of what a personal trainer would cost with all the same benefits. The benefits our clients enjoy include but are not limited to:

  • Ripped abs
  • Rock hard butt and sleek defined thighs
  • Muscular defined chest and biceps
  • Defined back and shoulders
  • Unprecedented energy and vitality
  • Vastly improved sports performance

The clients below achieved their results in 4 to 8 weeks

We can make claims all day about how great our program is but well stop there- instead click on the videos an testimonials above and below and listen to our clients stories – real people with extraordinary results.

BodyWorks Orange County Boot Camp is an indoor group training system incorporating Weight training, Cardio, Core training, Functional Training. “Bootcamp” is just a catch phrase that encompasses training in groups. We don’t really consider what we do “Bootcamp”. What we do is (to quote Paige, one of our most successful clients) “We train, we don’t workout. This is like personal training but in a group setting”.

BodyWorks Lifestyle Orange County Boot Camp has key advantages over our competition – Proven Science and Structure. You can get results without science and structure, but they will be short lived and will not be sustained. So what would be the point? Some fitness companies train without accurate structure. They just make the workouts up day to day or week to week. Again this will get some results, but they will not be optimal. And if you are going to hand over your hard earned dollars you want a result right? How many times have you heard the old speel “New Secret Formula” or “Just 3 minutes a day to rock hard abs”??? What a load of rubbish.

There are no secret formulas in fitness. People that results get them with consistency, hard work and correct nutrition. If you want sustainable results there is no way around it. Our Scientifically designed workouts coupled with our biologically Corrective nutrition programming will have you reaching levels you never thought possible.

Getting spectacular results is as simple as 123 (We didn’t say easy, just simple) In fact so simple we call it the 1+2=3 concept:

  • 1Biomechanically balanced-Metabolic Workouts
  • 2Biologically Corrective Nutrition
  • 3Results that you never believed you could achieve.

No secret Formulas, No 3 minute abs baloney, just straight up science and application.
The workouts themselves also follow a simple principle, the SIR principle (We love acronyms at BodyWorks) SIR – Structure-Intensity-Recovery.

These workouts don’t happen by accident, they are forged using cutting edge exercise physiology concepts, to bring you a result that can only be achieved with real scientific principle. The Workouts are designed months out ahead in a special structured fashion so you will continue to progress toward reaching goals you never would have thought possible.

Make no mistake, these are not “fun” workouts , we are not a dating service. You will not find any “Rubber bands” or “Squishy balls” in these workouts. This is real training. People that come to us come to train, they come to get better results than they thought possible. The old saying rings true “do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you have always got”. If you want to try something new, try something proven, try something that works, BodyWorks is the best place for you to get the results you would expect from a personal trainer, without having to empty the college fund. See you at the gym…

Come and find out what makes BodyWorks Orange County Boot Camp the #1 fat loss and fitness solution.

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