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“Vital” or “Alfresco Farms” Pasture Raised Eggs


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Pasture raised eggs are the best Eggs you can buy, and the I personally only use pasture raised eggs.


Why? Well because these birds live very close to exactly how they would in the wild, or at least as close as you will get in the US of A. Why does that matter? Well just like us these animals “are what they eat”, we are what we eat, but more importantly, we are what the animals we eat, eat. In fact, animals actually condense what they eat, so if we eat an animal that’s toxic it’s actually much worse for us.

For example look at the large fish like Tuna. Tuna is now so high in mercury you can only eat it once per week. Mercury aside, it’s one of the healthiest meats you can eat, but our polluting of the ocean has now made it so we must limit our consumption. This is a prime example of animals condensing what they eat. I can see some of you asking now “what does it matter what our animals eat, is it not it all the same”? NO! Here’s another analogy for you. I like to call it the 3 little pig analogy. If you build a house of bricks, what do you have? A house of bricks right? If you build of Sticks what do you have? House of sticks! If you build a house of crap what do you have?

A chicken is actually omnivorous, and as nature would have it requires its natural diet to have the right

balance of fatty acids and nutrients in its flesh and eggs. The more natural the diet (bugs, worms, grasses etc.), the more nutrients in their meat and in the eggs. This is why pasture raised eggs are the only way to go. These animals are raised as nature intended them to be, and the benefit to us that the pasture raised eggs the produce are high in vitamin E, vitamin D, phospholipids, omega 3 and other healthy fats, and quality protein. They will also be hormone and antibiotic free, lower in heart disease causing omega 6 fatty acids (this occurs when they are fed grain and soy).

So now I ask you this. Do you want to be eating the animal that’s fed crap in an unnatural environment, that is sick and has to be fed antibiotics to sustain it, and has sick malnourished tissue and eggs? Or, do you want the eggs from an animal that is fed what millions of years of evolution designed it to eat, that has adequate sunlight (and therefore vitamin D) and as the correct nutrient and fatty acid profile in its body and eggs?

As one of our HB clients John pointed out after watching the YouTube documentary “Lexicon of Sustainability” (View here – there is actually a big difference between “Cage Free” and “Pasture Raised”. Don’t be fooled, Pasture Raised Hens have a much more natural existence than Cage Free Hens. Chickens need to eat the balanced diet of insects, bugs and grasses as well as receive adequate sunlight to achieve the nutrient quality in their meat and eggs.  In western countries we have become so focused on quantity of what we receive per dollar that we have been unwittingly tricked, because these more “expensive” options like “pasture raised” or “grass fed” actually contain more nutrients per dollar than the cheap nasty versions.

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Sure you pay more for pasture raised eggs but realize this:

  1. You will be less likely to develop serious illness by spending more on the right foods now
  2. You will get more nutrients from these foods so you actually consume less
  3. The other eggs are only cheap because of YOUR tax dollars that subsidize corporate owned grain and soy farms to produce cheap feed for the commercially (and inhumanely) raised animals in the US.

So here’s a delicious breakfast to feed a family of 4.

BodyWorks Breakfast “Burrito”

8 Pasture raised eggs

2 whole avocados sliced

1 whole onion, sliced

4 large butter lettuce leaves

½ stick of pasture raised butter

Himalayan Pink salt

Black Pepper

¼ pound Grass Fed Ground Beef

2 cups of salsa

Habanero Sauce (depends how hot you like it)


Heat a Pan on High.

Add ¼ Stick of the butter until Melted

Add onions and stir-fry for 30 seconds.

Add ground beef and as much habanero sauce as you feel like (very hot be careful) and stir-fry with onions until brown.

Remove Beef and onions and place on plate

Add ¼ stick butter to pan.

Add the pasture raised eggs and scramble them until they are fully mixed and cooked.

Take Butter Lettuce Leaves and place strips of avocado along the bottom. Add Scrambled eggs to the leaves then top with Beef and onions. Add salsa, Himalayan Salt and Black pepper.

Serve and enjoy


Stu White

BodyWorks Lifestyle

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