BodyWorks Lifestyle Signal Hill Boot Camp

Located at the facility we call “the compound” the BodyWorks Lifestyle Signal Hill Boot Camp is located in an awesome location. The newest addition to Bodyworks Lifestyle Bootcamps, this amazing indoor location (all our locations are indoors) runs the Bodyworks Lifestyle signature training program. The BodyWorks Lifestyle training system is designed for one goal and only one goal – burn the fat from your body as fast as it can melt.

Using a combination of bio mechanically balanced weight training, tempo training and HITT cardio our head trainers at “the compound” have clients challenged in a way that is both effective and safe. The Workouts are dynamic and varied. Once you get enveloped in the program you will begin to crave the workouts. Please be aware if you want a foo foo jazzercise type workout or of you just want to play with fun gimmicky workout toys you are at the wrong place.

BodyWorks Lifestyle Signal Hill Boot Camp only knows 1 word to outline our Bootcamps – Results. This is where serious people with serious goals come to transform their bodies and their lives. That brings up the 2 punch in our 1-2 punch transformation combo – the cutting edge Bio-Metabolic Nutrition Program. This program is eating for leanness , eating for vitality, eating for life. We use this program not only to shred our loyal members to beach ready perfection, but we also have used the principles to help control and improve serious diseases of our clients. Co-founder Stu White uses these very concepts to control serious Auto-immune asthma, and hasn’t taken drugs for this condition in years. This program is free to anyone in the BodyWorks Lifestyle family.

The BodyWorks Lifestyle Signal Hill Boot Camp program includes:

  • Unlimited workouts at any of our locations
  • A multi phase nutrition program designed to cut fat from your body and create optimum health
  • Our custom built recipe book to help you make your diet health and tasty
  • Access to our monthly events, seminars, webinars and outings
  • Receive discounts on products and services from our strategic partners

Come and find out what makes BodyWorks Lifestyle Signal Hill Boot Camp the #1 fat loss and fitness program in the Los Angeles area.

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BodyWorks Lifestyle Signal Hill Boot Camp

360 Combat Club
1220 E Hill Street
Signal Hill, CA 90755

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