organic-food-on-tableWhy Organic, Seasonal, and Local Fruit and Veggies?

Vegetables from our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) ZucchiniXpress are 100% certified organic! They hail from Unity Farm where our farmer, Gabriel Ruiz, carefully tends the soil and plants using both, organic farming methods and biodynamic principles. Biodynamic preparations are made from fermented manure, minerals and herbs and are used to help restore the soil and enhance the nutritional properties and flavor of the food.
The quality of a plant can only be as good as the soil it grows in. Much of our conventional food is grown in soil that has become denatured and forced to produce season after season. Artificial fertilizers promote rapid growth. When a plant is forced to grow more rapidly, it’s root system stays shallow and the plant does not have the access to a variety of minerals. Farming organically, the plant may take longer to grow but the roots grow deeper and as they do so, pull more health sustaining minerals into the plant.
When it comes to 100% certified organic, it’s as much about what’s in the food as what’s not in it! According to the organic certification standards, plants and animals cannot be treated with synthetically created chemical pesticide and fertilizers, genetically engineered proteins and ingredients (GMOs), irradiation, antibiotics, artificial growth hormone, and more. A lot of these additions to our food have been linked to all kinds of diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

organic-food-farmIn choosing organic, we avoid these unhealthy additions to our food supply which ultimately were all created to boost productivity. Let’s face it – does it sound appetizing and healthy to eat meat of animals that have been treated with so many antibiotics that they have developed resistance to most of them? To eat fruits and vegetables which have been genetically engineered to withstand the deadly onslaught of pesticides or have been zapped to survive a long trip from half way around the world?

Seasonal and local lowers our carbon footprint. Instead of your food coming from far away you know your food has come from less than an hour away on less than a tank of gas. In addition, our veggies are picked the day you receive them. This ensures that the vital life force of the plant is still very present, just as nature intended. When we eat locally, our bodies are provided with what they need for each season. For instance, during winter, cold and flu season, our local growers feature citrus which is loaded with immune boosting vitamin C. Winter also offers an abundance of dark leafy greens, nature’s way of capturing the energy of the sun and making it nutritionally available to us during the days of shorter light. When we choose seasonal, local and organic, nature’s intelligence is transferred to us in the form of health and vitality.

people-and-organic-food-farmWe believe it is important to know your farmer. In an age where “organic” is tossed around rather carelessly, we encourage you to get to know your farmer and his farming methods. Because our farm is local and easily accessible, we offer seasonal “Trips to the Farm”. Here you can meet your farmer, see where your food comes from and learn about the workings of an organic farm.

Find out more about ZucchiniXpress at and subscribe to a Seasonal Harvest box of vegetables and fruit, organic coffee and raw local honey and starting soon: local, grass-fed beef.

We will service Bodyworks Lifestyle in Huntington Beach every other week starting Saturday, February 16 from 9:45 to 10:45 am and Bodyworks Lifestyle in Irvine starting Saturday, February 23 from 9:45 to 10:45 am. If you intend to pick up your box later, we’ll leave it there for you.

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